Children need deep sleep- you too

You finally want to sleep as deeply as you did when you where a child?

Then the 7-Day Online Sleep Challenge "Meet Your Sleep" is Just right for you.


Kambis Kohansal

WKÖ Head of Startup-Services

For the first time I thought about the importance of good sleep

Felix is an exceptional trainer who is familiar with sleep optimization, healthy nutrition and fitness at a very high level.

Most importantly, it has helped me sleep better, which has made me much more productive and gave me more energy every day.

Jana Lucia Freund


More focus on myself for better sleep

I've been to bed late my whole life!

With more focus on myself and the valuable support from Felix through the challenge, I was finally able to sleep through the night again and gather new energy.

David Jacob Huber

Author & Managing Director

Because everything I do during the day affects my sleep

I can say: the challenge is great and the tips are practical.

It's great that knowledge is always "served" in small, actionable bites.

With the 7-day course, I managed to overcome my tiredness in the afternoon so that I can continue working without any problems. 

What's Waiting for You


In the next 7 days you will be supported by me via email and video. 

Good sleep is no longer an impossible challenge because we rock it together.


You will get a clear head again and be able to complete your tasks with a flawless clarity.

Razor-sharp focus and increased productivity are guarenteed after the challenge.


You will learn how to switch off your nightly thoughts in order to fall asleep even better and faster.

Falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night are a no brainer after this challenge.

About the author

In his career as a sleep expert, biohacker and sports scientist, Felix has already helped countless people to improve their sleep, gain more energy for everyday life and listen to their bodies better.

He specializes in giving his customers exactly what they have always been looking for.

A new attitude towards life - through better sleep. 

He works with scientific and easy-to-implement methods that immediately lead to the desired success and allow his customers to sleep better in the long term.

Do You want more enery and Focus?

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